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We are excited to tell you about our AUSTIN BUCKS program. You have a chance to earn rewards by being a great patient! Successful orthodontic treatment requires a lot of team effort. To reward you for doing your part, we have great prizes you can buy with AUSTIN BUCKS.

You will have lots of chances to earn AUSTIN BUCK POINTS by doing some simple things. AUSTIN BUCK POINTS can be earned for good brushing, keeping your appointments, and being on time. Now, you are probably wondering what to do with all the AUSTIN BUCK POINTS you earn. Your AUSTIN BUCK POINTS  can be traded for a number of exciting prizes and gift cards.  

There are ALOT of ways to Earn Austin Bucks

  • Keep your regularly scheduled appointment and arrive on time
  • Good Oral Hygiene – your teeth should be clean when you are seen
  • Nothing loose or broken (this means brackets, bands, removable appliances, etc.)
  • Wear Your Austin Orthodontics T-Shirt to your appointment
  • Our thank you for referring your friends to our office. Be sure they tell us you referred them. FIFTY AUSTIN BUCK POINTS to be awarded after their New Patient exam.
  • If Dr. Austin or any of our staff see you outside the office with your T-shirt on… like at the mall, movies, baseball games, etc
  • Visit your general pediatric dentist for your regular check-up and cleaning. (Bring us a note or signed receipt from your dentist or dental hygienist.)
  • With the Patient Reward Hub App you can earn countless Austin Buck Points by doing online reviews, online games, online contests, and more.  

Austin Buck Rules

  • AUSTIN BUCKS are only awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Walk-in or emergency visits do not apply.
  • The AUSTIN BUCK Prizes and Gift cards can be found on the Patient Reward Hub App. 
  • Your AUSTIN BUCK REWARDS CARD  is your responsibility. The AUSTIN BUCKS POINTS are just like real money. If you lose them, like money, they are gone.
  • Once you spend your AUSTIN BUCKS on a prize, they are spent. You must earn more AUSTIN BUCKS to purchase more prizes.

Austin Orthodontics

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